About us

“Katha” – the story
The journey of Aksharaya began in 1990 with two Indian teachers. What was once merely a humble start of workshops and camps, Aksharaya has today become a beacon of achievement and a source of inspiration to many. It is the unconditional contribution, love and efforts of its founders that has led this organization to find a place of respect and become a source of learning for its members.

“Ichha” – the motto
The history of Indian scripts dates back five thousand years. In India, ten different scripts have been identified, from which are derived twenty-two languages – both spoken and written. Through Aksharaya, we aim to support these languages and scripts through the three E’s:
Expand Promote ‘letter’ as a concept in its various forms.
Educate Create awareness amongst people, both professionals and students, giving them opportunities learn and appreciate Indian letterforms through various activities such as camps and workshops.
Explore Facilitate research and development of Indian script, calligraphy
and typography.

“Karma”- the work
All Indian scripts follow a common phonetic system. So, it is safe to assume that there are many hidden facts about these scripts, which we are yet to discover. To connect these scripts and their culture, there is a compelling need for an organization, and that organization is Aksharaya. Aksharaya aims to work with letterforms and related issues – script study, calligraphy, type design, typography, and literature among other fields. While it’s vision remains vast, Aksharaya’s mission begins with identifying and connecting resources to people.